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Short URL
Service down to eliminate complaints


Convert a long URL to a shorter one
This is a pretty obvious one! Something that is around 25 characters long is much easier to send in an email or to post in your favorite forum.

For example,
is 129 charaters long has been reduced to - which is a mere 31 characters long!

Hide your affiliate ID on your website
By making a Short URL, it does not identify your affiliate ID on your website

Hide your email address on a website
You can create a Short URL that is your email address and post it on your website - You will stop "web spiders" harvesting your email address from your site - you will virtually eliminate spam.

Does the Short URL I created ever expire?
We may purge any Short URL from the database if it has not been clicked on for more than a year. We will delete any tiniuri from the database that is against the TOS or where we get an abuse report.
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